Which is the child and which is the kid?

Often I hear individuals refer to children as ‘kids’. I consciously continue to uphold the sacred gift of being a Divine human in our delightful children and refer to them respectfully as ‘children’ or a ‘child’.

In the spirit of love and freedom, being human is an honourable gift that deserves great respect. On this day what has been living in my heart and in my continued actions, to uphold the humanity in the world, is finally casting a wider net into the world.

When we, at Raphael Education and Learning refer to a young human being, we refer to them as a ‘child’ or ‘children’. We are here to uplift and nurture free, individual, responsible human beings. We see and support the Divinity that is that child.

Kid is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “often used as a generalized reference to one especially younger or less experienced” or “a young goat.” By referring to children as ‘kids’ we are inadvertently projecting that they are a less then, ‘less experienced’ human, they are part of the animal kingdom. The idea of being “less experienced” has the potential for a child to feel as though they are unimportant, something we certainly do not believe to be true.

In our speech using the words “children” and “child” is a practice that ensures those we serve and nurture feel honoured and know they are respected, in an uplifting, loving warm environment by others that truly see them as Divine human beings. This conscious effort and use of the word, language, is a powerful way to engage healthy communication allowing a respectful and comforting space to learn, grow, and foster creativity.

At this Holy time of Christmas many celebrate the birth of a Divine Holy ‘Child’. Let us challenge ourselves to uphold and consciously uplift our own speech, beginning with the simple act of referring to young Divine human beings as ‘Children’ or ‘Child’, not ‘kids’. Are you up for the challenge?!

Warm Blessings and Happy Christmas!


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