History shows us that our hands are the key to the expression of creativity, of bringing into form the culture and values of each successive human generation. Experiential learning allows for a ‘wholesome’ education for the whole being; with a model of ‘head’, ‘heart’, ‘hands’, an opportunity is provided for many to face a future we cannot see. We are born with inherent creative capacities that are being educated out of the children and young adults. Creating an education system that nurtures creativity is the opportunity we have with Raphael Education and Learning (R.E.A.L.) Practical Arts Program. Cultivating a community where nurturing healthy multi-generational learning and education is symbiotically met is one of the primary goals, and motivations of R.E.A.L. Practical Arts Program P.M.A..

A transdisciplinary education incorporates the practical arts. The education and learning is brought in a rhythm of “head’, ‘heart’, and ‘hands’. In 2022 I completed my MEd Transdisciplinary Healing Education (Waldorf) courses. This allowed R.E.A.L. to provide a richer ’wholesome’ education and learning platform for the children and the multi-generational community, where the age old practice of working with our hands to transform materials, thus shapes and transforms us, may be experienced.

R.E.A.L. recognizes that education for children requires, on the part of the instructor, not only warmth, but also knowledge of the children’s developmental age appropriate needs. Transdisciplinary healing arts in education contributes to the children’s learning and health. As an educator who is also working through the digitalization of education, in a time that is so rich in technology, I have witnessed the potential health risks children may be facing in years to come, and I have begun to think about and actively participate in alternative approaches to these issues for both young and old. Most importantly working with our hands, working with the earth, and inspired creative imaginative artistic work through different mediums including music, storytelling and learning skills and processes experientially may be part of the answer to mitigate potential health risks.

Equipped with a continually evolving understanding of child development and how the health of an adult may be linked to unmet opportunities in their education and youth R.E.A.L. Practical Arts Program is taking a more consistent and expanded role through R.E.A.L Centre. Some examples of this years upcoming ‘events‘ are; learning biodynamics farming principles (Heaven on Earth) hands on farm to table experience, the skilled art of blacksmithing, stewardship for the animals in the wild, herbal medicine walk; fruit to seed, handwork with fiber artisans, skilled art of drawing; landscape – perspective and more…

Are you interested in joining our group for a specialized R.E.A.L. Practical Arts Program event? Please contact Kassandra for more details on upcoming events at; kassandramarie@mailfence.com events begin the last week of September.

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