Through The Raphael Education and Learning Centre (R.E.A.L.) a Private Membership Association.

Need Support ???

Parenting and learning happens organically through life.  Parenting and teaching however in a structured format at times requires some guidance and support.  It can be too much for families to try to wear so many hats at home and work.  Let me help you, reach out via the contact form and we can begin with a conversation to bring ease into your education journey with your child(ren). We will construct a rhythmical, organic model for education and learning, serving your child(ren) in home that feels right and attainable.

This service of support is available face to face or remotely.

Here is an example of how I may help remotely (modifications are slightly different for face to face):

  • Initial comprehensive consultation for educational/home learning year, outlining her rhythms of the week, and block plans for the year.
  • Receive a 1 hour consultation for educational/home learning support and review every second week.
  • The cost for multimedia materials for educational purposes in home learning; i.e, texts, content, images, etc… is a one time fee.
  • Additional 1 hour consultation for educational/home learning support and/or review, questions or concerns as needed (additional fees).