Looking for an experiential event to enrich your homeschooling curriculum! On Thursday September 28th we will be learning about Biodynamic Farming in Wolfville. We will tour around the farm property with an educational session focused on biodynamic philosophies and practices, see some of transformed preparations that will be brought to the session to allow for a touch and feel element. Farm-to-table grazing plates featuring some ingredients from the farm to help complete the full circle.
Cost – $15.00 per child HST included – Pre-Registration before September 26,2023

I am offering these events to homeschool groups and/or families interested in their children expanding in practical arts as part of their learning enriching their homeschool experience. Pre-registration (kassandramarie@mailfence.com) is important as there are only so many spaces available. When you pre-register I will email you the location and time.

Parents are responsible for their children’s fees, transportation, food/drink (if required) and for upholding respect and responsibility while present onsite…

Learning should be an adventure!

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