To gain insight as to how best serve our children and the development of their destiny paths we may consider their natal birth chart.  The natal birth chart serves as a map of the soul with the higher Spiritual Beings revealing their influence in its current incarnation.

As a certified Waldorf teacher over many years I have had parents come to me requesting a natal birth chart reading for their children.  In some cases if the child is over 12 years old they may also be included to hear the reading (as the parent wishes, and keeping the reading positive and inspirational).  This serves as a point of departure in how to best serve the child in their current incarnation and the development of their destiny path.

A blessing in knowing the children’s natal birth chart is that as a parent, teacher, family member, mentor, we may better serve this child in how they learn and develop.  What is their chart ruler, planetary pattern, temperament, where are they in their biographical cycle? Where is the Sun and its aspects, the Moon and its aspects, Mercury and its aspects, Venus and its aspects, Mars and its aspects, Jupiter and its aspects, Saturn and its aspects, Uranus and its aspects, Neptune and its aspects, Pluto and its aspects, the Moon’s nodes and its aspects?

The Moon is in Sagittarius (Spiritual Hierarchies known as Archai or Spirits of Personality).  Imagine the centaur which is associated with Sagittarius, this is half animal (horse) with human being rising up out of the animal nature.  Rudolf Steiner offers this, “The secret of our freedom is intimately connected with the taming of our centaur-nature.” The taming of our animal instinctive nature in becoming our higher human nature in conscious awareness, in freedom brings liberation.  With the Moon in Sagittarius we can ask these bigger Spiritual questions, consider a broader and deeper philosophical meaning of how to navigate through this incarnation, not just for ourselves but for the children. These insights may nurture a higher education, in support of a higher human nature with the secret to our freedom shining from within and without. 

Do you wish to further support a child and/or yourself?  Contact me through for a 60 minute special chart assessment, .  For support in serving the age appropriate soul development of a higher human nature through education and learning contact me at

Warmly, Kassandra

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