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Newly offered! R.E.A.L. Centre!

The Raphael Education and Learning Centre (R.E.A.L.) is a Private Membership Association that allows for fellowship, shared values and moral human principles of mutual care. Education and Learning is served with a therapeutic foundation for all ages.

The need for an alternative and aware-centered educational system is growing. We need to educate the ‘whole’ child so that they can face a future we cannot see. We are born with inherent creative capacities that are being educated out of the children and young adults. Creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity is the opportunity we have.

This innovative approach cultivates and nurtures learning, guidance and mentoring with reverence, respect and responsibility.

In a warm and loving environment we foster a lifelong love of learning which may bear good fruit and good seeds for the present and the future.

Join our Private Membership Association. Together we can support meaningful transformation! I am so glad you have found R.E.A.L. and are interested in this work which is my chosen area of service and dedication for the betterment of humanity and the world. I am setting up this arrangement so I may share as freely and openly as possible with as many people as possible the gifts of R.E.A.L. Centre. The Private Domain differs from the Public Domain because the latter enables the majority of all business to take place between strangers. Connections are solely established for the purpose of transacting a currency for products eliminating the personal values, goals or priorities of each party during the process, giving parties no tangible bearing on the transactions occurring. In the Private Domain it is rather the opposite and the sharing of common values and goals is an important part of the purpose for the exchanges and interactions between the members.

R.E.A.L. revolutionizes education through the use of Rudolf Steiner’s indications for education which recognizes the simple but profound insight that children learn in distinctly different ways at different stages of their development. R.E.A.L Centre offers a supplementary academic curriculum rooted in practical and artistic pedagogy with an integrated spiritual awareness based on building and fostering the child’s natural capacities at each developmental stage, meeting them where they are at.

Engaging the hands and the heart as well as the head/mind cultivates a real inner enthusiasm for learning, the hallmark of educating “the whole child”.

R.E.A.L. compliments the education and learning the child is receiving from their family home in our in-home education and learning environment. R.E.A.L. wishes to provide an environment where children can safely explore, observe and learn. We support our children through their everyday learning to be respectful, reverent and responsible stewards who are inspired, imaginative, intuitive, happy, healthy, and enthusiastic about the world, each other and themselves!

What would the future of humanity look like when we receive children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom? R.E.A.L. Centre is providing a nurturing environment to do just that.

I reserve the right to offer my help to whom I feel most comfortable to assist, and to determine if my abilities are suited to your needs.
Why would I make such a choice to offer my help in the private domain rather than just set up a business in the public under government management and regulation controls? Because I see a significant need for people in our modern society to become reacquainted with the value and benefits of the private domain. In my view the private domain has many benefits and is the best arrangement for me to support everyone interested in connecting with me through this branch of private education membership or within the branch of private astrosophy (astrology readings) membership “the stars speak” .
If you are really interested in learning more please contact me tell me a little bit about yourself, why you’re interested in R.E.A.L. Centre, and how you feel R.E.A.L. Centre will be able to benefit you and/or your family.
Once we get to know each other I’ll direct you in next steps going forward. Remember, a membership in R.E.A.L. Centre PMA is the only pathway to engage with me and the various ways I might offer assistance to you. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kassandra Marie; MEd in Waldorf Education, Transdisciplinary Focus on Healing Education, Certified Waldorf Grades Teacher

Ways I May Support You and Your Child(ren) through our R.E.A.L. Membership Services!

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