Meet Ms. Kassandra

Welcome! I feel very blessed to have found Rudolf Steiner and his many indications for “living” life! Education is one of many gifts I have treasured on this journey. I am a fully certified Waldorf Elementary Grades Teacher. I am currently in process of completing my MEd in Waldorf Education, Transdisciplinary Focus on Healing Education.

This approach to learning educates in theory and methodology while simultaneously incorporating hands-on opportunities and experiential learning. It enhances the ability to make an immediate impact on the educational experience of the students. I strive to teach, inspire, and encourage the next generation of learners. A revolutionary shift in education is needed now! Join me for Home Education Consulting For Families, Onsite In-home Learning With Ms. Kassandra and/or Counselling for therapeutic resolutions.

I reserve the right to offer my help to whom I feel most comfortable to assist, and to determine if my abilities are suited to your needs. Why would I make such a choice to offer my help in the private domain rather than just set up a business in the public under government management and regulation controls? Because I see a significant need for people in our modern society to become reacquainted with the value and benefits of the private domain. In my view the private domain has many benefits and is the best arrangement for me to support everyone interested in connecting with me .
If you are really interested in learning more please contact me, tell me a little bit about yourself, why you’re interested in R.E.A.L. Centre, and how you feel R.E.A.L. Centre will be able to benefit you and/or your family.
Once we get to know each other I’ll direct you in next steps going forward. Remember, a membership in R.E.A.L. Centre PMA is the only pathway to engage with me and the various ways I might offer assistance to you. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kassandra Marie; MEd in Waldorf Education, Transdisciplinary Focus on Healing Education, Certified Waldorf Grades Teacher

Thank you in advance for applying for R.E.A.L. Centre Private Membership, entrusting me with your education and/or education of your child.