Searching for assistance in the resolution of personal difficulties or unresolved traumas?

Looking to find your peace in the world?

I feel education is a point of departure for healing, in cooperation with therapeutic healing practitioners, and a good astrologer.  Healing trauma and grief through art and colour holds the potential to stimulate the healing process. Using healing approaches through artistic media, warmth, steadfastness, stability and groundedness may be supportive to those who have been traumatized that we are working with or for ourselves. Through artistic therapies we offer space for the inner life to have expression, we ask questions to support the transformation of the inner life of the child and/or the adult. Through active engagement in contemplative and collaborative action based on a deepened understanding of the human being, artistic expression, and the development of tools and capacities to apply in every day life – in this space – healing work becomes work of peace.

Flow of Healing Plan

Step 1

Through The Raphael Education and Learning Centre (R.E.A.L.) a Private Membership Association, together we work to link tendencies of the body and behaviour which may be working upwards into the human constitution effecting the physical, emotional and social capacities. Through questions, artistic work and conversations a picture of healing methodologies may blossom.

Step 2

I’ll bring what we found at step 1 to gather up a healing plan for you to achieve a balance which includes;

  • Movement
  • Artistic work
  • Singing
  • Breathing
  • and more

With a face to face session, I’ll guide you how to do the suggested healing plan and methods, so you may comfortably continue at home on your healing journey.

If you have an online session.  We can have a live meeting online where I can guide you in the suggested healing plan and methods, so you may comfortably continue at home on your healing journey..

Step 3

I’ll reassess how you are doing with your healing plan and modify or update them to best serve you through the process!


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