The Raphael Education and Learning Centre (R.E.A.L.) a Private Membership Association.

Every day of learning is a new imagination!

A snapshot of what the children may experience

Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30am – 2:30pm
Thursday Specialty classes or Events
‘First Class Fridays’ for children around the age of 7;
Fridays 9:30am- 12:30pm
(except holidays, inclement weather or illness).

  • Head – Academic; new and reviewed  learning
  • Heart – Music, singing, flute
  • Hands – exploration, clay, painting, handwork
  • Head, heart & hands learning meeting the needs of the “whole child”
  • Outdoor learning and exploration

Arriving at in Home Learning with Ms Kassandra

In-Home Education/Learning with Ms Kassandra

  • Extra clothing and “extra clothing bag”:  Please bring a complete change of season-appropriate clothes, including underwear, pants/skirt, socks, and shirt in an “extra clothing bag.”  This can be a plain pillowcase, but needs to have a drawstring so that it can be hung.  All items must be labeled with your child’s name.
  • Indoor Shoes:  Comfortable, fitted indoor shoes that will stay on your child’s feet during movement activities.  Indoor shoes may be left at Ms Kassandras and only worn inside.  
  • Mug:  Your child will need a mug for water to ensure adequate hydration during the day;  I will be encouraging the children to drink plenty of water, as this helps maintain energy and increase capacity for concentration, amoung other things.  This can be a tin or pottery mug or cup, but without writing and/or cartoons.  Alternately, a water bottle can be used.  Please label with your child’s name.
  • Snack-Lunch:  A nut free snack/lunch, and water.
  • Placemat:  To keep our working space clean, each child will need a placemat that will be kept at Ms Kassandras  Slogan/cartoon free.  Please label with your child’s name.

Crayons, block and stick crayons will be provided.

No other pens, pencils, notebooks or art pads are necessary to supply, as we will be using uniform supplies, provided by Home Education Consultant.

Special Day and School Cancellation

Field Trip – There may be field trips throughout the year.  Updates and details will be communicated as finalized.  Examples; Medicine walk learn the plant medicines in the forest; Orienteering find your way through the forest; Animal care, Exploring Sea Caves and panning for gold, etc…

Membership Access Fee

(suggested gift donation)

Membership access Fees are calculated by number of days per week families wish to access group learning in-class – chosen by the families/availability so please contact me for a quote with the contact form below.

Accept suggested gift donation by e-transfer or cash


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