How can we help our children to become free, individual, responsible human beings? Children who are mature, and developmentally appropriately educated human beings. Supporting our children through their everyday learning to be inspired, imaginative, intuitive, happy, healthy, enthusiastic about the world, each other and themselves! Children may relax in a clear rhythm where they may feel safe in knowing what is coming next.

I encourage you to watch this video of Dr. Thomas Cowan on “Slaying the School Monster.”

In Dr. Thomas Cowan’s video he suggests, good food, sunshine, living water, and the ultimate teacher, exposing your children to nature! Provide an environment where your children can safely explore. Establish a very clear rhythm for yourself and your children. Let Mother Natura be the ultimate teacher!

“Slaying the School Monster” Dr Thomas Cowan

“The exhaustion and pollution of the earth’s resources is, above all, the result of a corruption of man’s self-image, of a regression in his consciousness”

Ivan Illich, ‘Deschooling Society’

We have an opportunity to wake up from the educational slumber and move education in a positive, hopeful direction. Children and families working to re-learn how to learn is coming to life, dawning, through our In-Home Educational/Learning initiative. Healing from the indoctrinated old paradigm of traditional education as an expression of power and politics, we enter bravely into this new world, reforming education, where the future of humanity as free, individual, responsible human beings may begin now!

Warm Blessings,

Mother Natura

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