The children will get to experience music as part of their home education learning with Ms. Kassandra.  Singing, flute, movement in song, etc… will be the content for the musical curriculum.  My mentor for music is Andrea Lyman.  The magic she impresses upon me I get to share with the children.  

Here is an article by Andrea Lyman;  a brief biography for Andrea follows the article;

“Music is an important element of the educational journey. According to Rudolf Steiner, the human being is a musical being, and the making of music is essential in experiencing what it is to be fully human. Music in the curriculum awakens and nurtures the deep inner life of the child. It meets them where they are in their various stages of development, and brings them a deep, soul affirming experience that is a uniquely human experience.

Music brings a health-giving quality that helps balance and integrates the many other subjects brought throughout the curriculum – at every age, grade and stage of development; bringing the right thing at the right time is a hallmark of this holistic education.

As the main lesson curriculum follows the very specific stages of child development, so also does the music curriculum. Engaging the soul activities of thinking, feeling, and willing (doing) in the child, the study and experience of the various elements in music arouse and cultivate the very forces necessary to be able to meet the challenges of the world with enthusiasm and confidence.”

Andrea Lyman 

 For those who may need extra help with music, please feel free to contact me as a resource.

Andrea’s Brief Biography

Andrea has been teaching music for more than 45 years, in both the public and private school sector, and has been involved in Waldorf education since 1992. With both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Vocal Music Education, she was part of the first Waldorf music teacher training in the US, receiving her Waldorf teaching certificate in 2005 from Sunbridge College in New York. Andrea was a founding member of the Association for Waldorf Music Education (AWME), and has served as its president since its inception in 2000. She organizes and helps facilitate its annual Waldorf Music Conference each summer. Her two-part article, “Let There Be Music: The Music Curriculum in the Waldorf School, (Grades 1-8)” appeared in RENEWAL Magazine in 2009. Andrea is a contributing author to The Mood of the Fifth: A Musical Approach to Early Childhood, a WECAN publication. Andrea serves as a mentor for music teachers internationally and on many continents.

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